Issues Sending & Receiving Texts - Tello & Mint Mobile

I’ve been having intermittent issues sending and receiving test messages on my 2e for several months. Sometimes I don’t receive messages, but the sender does not get a notified that the message failed. Other times it is the opposite; I send messages that the recipient never receives, but I don’t get notified that the message failed. This has happened with individual and group messages with and without media. I’ve yet to be able to pinpoint what causes it to happen. After months of it happening I finally decided to try switching from carriers from tello to Mint, but the problems have continued. I’ve tried the solution on this thread with no success. Any ideas what the issue might be?

For your Mint account, can you enable RCS. The Messages app would have asked you the first time.

Then enable Delivery reports under Messages > Settings > Advanced > Get SMS Delivery reports.

I think the Google messages app by default tells at the very least “Sent” for every message. It can also tell “Delivered” if you enable Delivery reports.

Long story short - can you track your message statuses and report back.

RCS is stuck on trying to verify number. Will have to solve that problem before reporting back.