Issues with reception

Starting about 2-3 weeks ago, places where I would regularly get LTE reception have become dead zones. With all the shenanigans going on around the world (and checking the phone signal app) I was ready to assume it was a tower issue. But right around the same time, my phone stopped being able to get clear phone connections even with half full bars or even call over wifi. All calls end up with the other side of the line saying they can’t hear me clearly. I’m going to check my wife’s phone, I’ll post a quick link showing her reception compared to mine. Just not sure what’s happening, as I had no issues with anything for a few months.

Is everything else (other apps etc) working fine on the phone? you can try few things here:

  1. Reboot the phone (just in case you haven’t)
  2. Open SIM try and re-seat the SIM card. You could try the other slot as well.
  3. Is it different inside vs outside home?

Everything else works great over wifi. LTE service is probably an issue with the tower. only thing that won’t work over wifi is normal calls, which also doesn’t work regardless of bars. let me try those things and see what happens

Which wireless carrier are you using? Could you call them to check if there are any disruptions in your area.

So I took out the SIM card to re-seat it, restarted my phone, and i’m picking up more LTE coverage than i had previously. however, still same issue with normal phone calls. i’m able to hear people pretty clearly (with some cutting out), but nobody on the other end can understand anything i’m saying. tried my wife’s iphone from the exact same location, works fine. we’re both on t-mobile, similar reception. signal strength for both of our phones here:

Could it be a microphone issue? Can you try calling someone via a messaging app like FB messenger or Whatsapp?

So I’ve been having the same issue with my teracube but i wanna say it’s not our cell phone carriers but the app we’re using to make the calls because I found out that the Google phone app that came installed on my phone has so many negative reviews with people saying that they get constant dropped calls and horrible reception. And when I had a cricket brand phone it came with there own calling app and I had perfect reception. So all in all I’m pretty sure it’s the app we’re using to make the calls.

Any recommendation for a different one? I’m blown away that the stock dialer app could be the problem.

@DaWalkingMATT - have you used any other dialer app (like TrueCaller, etc) that have worked better? What carrier are you using? Google phone app works great for us on T-Mobile (Seattle area).

@bshass - were you able to try out a facebook messenger or a whatsapp call? (Any other internet messaging call will do as well). This can tell us if the audio/mic is a problem or the network.

i dont have any other audio messaging apps. i have an audio recorder, which records audio fine. i’ve also used microsoft teams in the past with success, but that was over LTE data, and not regular phone.

should also note, calling over wifi has the same problem. i was honestly pretty stoked about a mid-tier phone with a great warranty, but not being able to make actual phone calls has me shopping again

Please try the following:

  1. Clear cache partition.
  2. Backup and reset the phone.
  3. If that does not work, then send us an email at for a warranty replacement.

for anyone with a similar issue, best solution i’ve found is using the calling app “CallGate” and calling over wifi with mobile data turned off.