Joyn app and joyn service showing me messages

what is this and why is it installed? it cant be disabled no removed. ill never use this and would like to either disable it or remove it fully from the 2e rom. she is running the new beta rom is that why? if so will it be removed from the final one. i set it to not notify but it still is and its annoying. first it says joyn is turned off then it says joyn service is stopped ims registered.

edit: just checked and this is NOT included in the release version of the rom. will this hopefully be removed when the rom goes final. its even allowed to modify system settings which i disable and then after a while i get a pop up and then when checked its turned back on.

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Checking with ODM on this. Quick inspection shows an official mediatek app for RCS messaging. Will confirm soon.

its very annoying when you go to make a call it wants permission for your contacts which i will not give it because its something i will not use and its not on the previous rom


Any update on this and why it doesn’t show up in the list of installed apps? I’m not particularly excited at the idea of apps I can’t disable, let alone find, popping up without myself explicitly asking it to open.

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joyn is a mediatek system app (com.mediatek.rcs) that got included to support RCS messaging. We are looking into the issue and whether it can be safely removed in the next build.

I’ve joined the community forum specifically because of this. This is the first thing since I bought my Teracube that I’ve been unhappy with. I do my level best not to have apps on my phone that I don’t want there and I never invited Joyn nor want it.
Thanks for following this up, Sharad.

Yes, just updated Terracube 2e yesterday. First call I make, Joyn app wants permissions. Hell no, if I don’t know what it is. Tell Mediatek its bloatware is not wanted and to remove it. How does the app support RCS messaging?

Actually, not please with this device. If I could get my money back, I would. The camera is shitty (blue with flash), apps keep opening without prompt, icons move on the home pages on their own. And now you push an update that has software that no one wants or asked for.

How do I remove or disable “Joyn”. I don’t want it, and it is annoying me with requests for access to my contacts. Putting non-deletable bloatware in the ROM is not cool.

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I’ve seen Joyn as well, no idea what it is, but I care very little about junk OEM apps. It bothered me once, now it’s a distant memory.

The problem is that the app is weirdly named, and offers no insight as to why it’s presenting itself and asking for permissions. Bad UI leads to outrage like this.

Have it give an introduction of some kind before asking for intrusive permissions at inopportune times. If it actually serves a purpose we want, it’ll be welcomed. If not, it should be removable.


I don’t even know what RCS is, nor do I want it. I went into the joyn app (from Notifications) and turned off the “Master Switch”. Now, a notification remains “joyn service is stopped”, and if I slide right to adjust notifications, it says “These notifications can’t be modified”.

Seems I’m stuck with a notification about ‘joyn’ either way. But what am I missing if I leave it disabled (aside from RCS, whatever the heck that is)?

ETA: a bit of digging and I find it’s an upgrade to SMS… I enabled it in Google Messages when I got the phone. It’s still enabled. But have no idea whether it works or not.

Just wanted to add my support to this discussion. Kinda creepy when an app appears and asks for access to your contacts but then you can’t find the app to uninstall it!

In my case it appeared after the latest update, after I sent a smiley-face in the SMS app.

Thanks for your support and explanations Sharad, turns out removing this app “in the latest build” hasn’t worked out! I’d feel better if you could explicitly confirm that it is safe. Also FalconFour I entirely agree with your assessment.

Yes - this is a app created by Mediatek (com.mediatek.joyn) like some other components running in our phone (for example cellular drivers, etc). However I agree - they could have done a better job in its interactions and permissions.