Joyn app and joyn service showing me messages

what is this and why is it installed? it cant be disabled no removed. ill never use this and would like to either disable it or remove it fully from the 2e rom. she is running the new beta rom is that why? if so will it be removed from the final one. i set it to not notify but it still is and its annoying. first it says joyn is turned off then it says joyn service is stopped ims registered.

edit: just checked and this is NOT included in the release version of the rom. will this hopefully be removed when the rom goes final. its even allowed to modify system settings which i disable and then after a while i get a pop up and then when checked its turned back on.

Checking with ODM on this. Quick inspection shows an official mediatek app for RCS messaging. Will confirm soon.

its very annoying when you go to make a call it wants permission for your contacts which i will not give it because its something i will not use and its not on the previous rom