Joyn App bloatware pre-installed with admin permissions. Why?

On resetting my Teracube 2e, I noticed that Joyn App is pre-installed as baked-in bloatware with permission to modify the system!! Why?
I never asked for it. I don’t want it. Why is the ROM preconfigured by Teracube with an obscure social app with permission to modify the phone’s settings?
Rather than just remove permissions, how can I delete this app?

Update (June 2022): Please install our Android 11 certified update. This update removes the Joyn app.

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Hi @Elzeard - the joyn app will be removed in our A11 update (ETA: 1-2 months; running a bit behind).

Here is the temp workaround for everyone else.

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Hi @Sharad.
Why was this app baked in as a hidden* app with full system administration permissions and the Joyn service forever running with access so many other permissions including:

  • Call logs
  • Location
  • Camera
  • Storage
    These cannot be deactivated. The Joyn service starts on phone startup even after using the so-called “workaround” to deactivate the Joyn app.
    Talk about spyware!
    As a comparison, Google Contacts has permission to access the telephone application and contacts.
  • Doesn’t appear in the app drawer.

This was a mistake on our team’s part. While working with on the AT&T certification, the ODM included the Joyn app (its a proper app made by Mediatek) thinking that its needed for RCS. In the end it was not required. I’m guessing those permissions are taken more as a bad coding practice by the Mediatek developer than any malintent. However, we as Teracube own the mistake of not finding it earlier and pushing them. We have learned our lessons and will be careful in the future.


It works. It works! IT WORKS!! dances off a cliff

I bought a used Iphone 7 to stand in for my beloved but traitorous T2e infected with the vile Joyn app. Thank you all for this vaccine/update.

I think I last used my T2e in October of 2021. I spent a few hours trying to figure out where I stored it. Tried to update, Android 10 - Your device is up to date. Got on T2e forums, searched for “JOYN 2022” and found Android 11 certified update (link).

Ahh, catharsis: anger and resentments and helpless/hopeless and now my baby is back. sniffles

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