List of working chargers for Teracube 2e

Hi all, there is plenty of information about what DOESN’T work to charge the Teracube 2e, but I was thinking the community might want to create a list of what chargers/cables explicitly DO work, since the official Teracube charger is out of stock. I would ask the community to contribute two types of information here: The USB A-to-C cable that is working for them, and the USB A charger that is working here.

I will start off by asking if the USB A-to-C cable mentioned here in the forum definitely works

Another USB A-to-C mentioned in the forum are:
this (US):
and this (UK):

As for the chargers themselves, I see that @mcmd has kindly contributed that the Samsung EP-TA200 charger works for them.

Can others please chime in with the USB A charger that is working for them, and the USB A-to-C cable that is working (if they know it)? If you’ve already mentioned it in other post, just link to that post if you don’t want to write it down again.

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I don’t know how helpful this may or may not be but I use a charger that came with my Samsung tablet. To my knoweledge it’s just a basic/stock USB-C.


Thanks. It turns out I had a bad USB-C port on my Teracube 2e, which meant that none of the USB A chargers I had on hand actually charged the phone. Believe me, it is a very confusing problem to have on a phone with already known charging issues. This lead me initially to believe that I had incompatible chargers. I am now awaiting a replacement phone, and if my chargers work on it, I will probably “solve” this post.

It was a bad USB-C port – every one of my USB A-to-C cables works with all of my USB-A chargers.