[ Information ] Compatible Chargers

Due to a limitation of the Mediatek chipset, Teracube 2e is not compatible with USB-C chargers that feature Power Delivery.

The 2e is compatible with all USB-A to USB-C chargers (including the ones that support the QC 3.0 protocol).

The best ways to charge the 2e are:

  1. An older-style USB charger coupled with a USB-A-to-C adapter cable, like the one linked below:
  2. The official Teracube charger.

In our tests, Apple chargers also work, as long as the phone is booted into Android.

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I just started using the Teracube 2e with /e/os and can confirm that Apple cables and charges work spotily at best. An Apple cable to an Apple charger does not work at all. An Apple Charger with a USB-C charging cable works intermittently. That same cable plugging into a USB-C smartphone brick worked fine though. An Apple cable to the same smartphone brick does not work though.

Also of note is that not only does plugging in the Apple cable/charger into the 2e not charge the 2e but it also seems to put the Apple cable/charger into a weird state such that it won’t charge the Apple devices any longer either until it has been removed from the power brick and re-inserted.

Thanks @HankG - that is a valuable report.

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