Min sound too high

Hello all, continuing with the volume discussion, my phone is too loud for me even on the lowest volume setting. Does anyone have any good suggestions for how to adjust this, and/or know if it is possible to adjust? I tried a couple of apps but they did not help. (for example, the app “precise volume” lets you have additional volume levels but it does not change the range). Thanks!

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Could you clarify which volume is too high - Media, Call, Ring or Alarm? And could you share a screenshot of your sound settings at Settings > Sound.

ps: moved this to its own topic.

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Hello, it is mostly the media volumes, and sometimes the call volumes. I did a little testing and it does not seem to be all apps, but just some of them. For example, my media player (AIMP) is too loud. It is too loud if I have head phones on, and through the speakers/speaker phone. Youtube is not as loud but boderline on the lowest setting (with my headphones on).

Also in general everything is too loud for me through the speaker phone (both calls and media).