Minimum adaptive brightness 31%

On the Teracube 2e, no matter how dark the room I’m in, the minimum brightness for “Adaptive Brightness” mode is 31%. What’s weird is that if I turn off adaptive brightness, I can drop it all the way to 0% and it’s much better (perfect for a completely dark room).

Is there any way to change this? At first I thought this was a limitation of an IPS screen, but it’s frustrating that the screen is fine and the software just makes this phone way too bright at night. Turning adaptive brightness of is a workaround, but it’s really annoying to have the automatic mode not work.

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Sorry about that - it is a bug as of now. The adaptive brightness slider does not allow to go to the lowest setting - it kicks back up to a higher setting. We will get that fixed in the next SW release.


I think the slider problem is more complex (or there is another one…). If set to “adaptive”, it doesn’t seem to remember its position! I prefer relatively bright settings, but I often find it lower than I had set it. Especially after the screen was off, I often find a very dark position. But not always - I was not yet able to identify the “rules” it seems to follow.

However, it looks like the slider (sometimes?) follows the ambient light level, but in my understanding, it shouldn’t - it should merely determine the “range” in which the adaption can take place.

Hi @mare - could you confirm if you have the original firmware (SW6) or the latest SW16?

I’m not sure. My 2e is as it was delivered, I didn’t notice any automatic update since then. If I open Settings > System > Updater, it says

Android 10
(last check: today)
Your device is up to date

I didn’t do a manual update, as your linked posting said it’s not for EU (I’m in Germany).

Yeah we just released Beta version of EEA-2 (equivalent to SW16). You could either install it now or wait for it to be certified.

Thanks, Sharad.

As I can live with the problem for now (I just wanted to let you know), I’ll be waiting with the update until it installs automatically.