Modded camera app for the 2e

this version is a mod of a mod from another device lol to work on the 2e. try it and see what you think. focus is much better and faster. i can take super up close shots now without having to mess with the phone up and down and then its blurry. it is an older version of the camera app but none of the new ones were properly working with the 2e we tried a ton of the versions. this one does not have hdr mode. there is another one that does have hdr mode but its very slow to take the actual picture. night mode is working on this one. note this was only tested on the version one 2e since i dont have a version 2 here. should work though.


Will have a look at this, thanks! :smiley:

Hi all, could someone share the Camera_Go_1.8.3_2e mod file again 'cause it isn’t available anymore on mediafire

I recommend picking something from here. If an modder’s work does what you need and the features appeal, you should be able to maintain updates. If it doesn’t work or have the features you want, uninstall and try someone else’s work.

Hi @Maymne , thanks fort the link.
I had a look to the mods but I couldn’t find any specific for the Teracube 2e.
Do you say that I should simply test a version randomly and see it it works well on my phone?
I’m looking for something better than the actual Camera app 'cause I noticed that the focus when trying to take a picture of details on an electronic circuit take a lot of time and often pictures are blurry…
Should I try the " Google Camera 8.6+ (Android 11+) »" mods or are they too recent for a model like the Teracube 2e?

Yeah, I’d just pick one - there’s not going to be any version that’s specific to our phone unless you mod if yourself, but…
In terms of whether to use the Android 11+ version or something older, what version of Android are you currently on? If it’s original Zirconia, it might still be Android 10, and I wouldn’t recommend an APK that needs 11 APIs. If it’s Emerald or upgraded stable Zirconia, the 11 should potentially be worth a try. If it’s one of our Betas, I’d go with the 12s.

Of note, someone tried the Go/Lite version of Google Camera. Here are the links for that:
Camera Go (GCam Go) Mod (

As well, the free Open Camera is another recommendation including in the mod download info.

Thanks again for your reply @Maymne and sorry for not having wrote you earlier, I’ve just read your post.
I have e/os 1.18 (android 12) and I did try Open Camera and the focus seems to work much better.
I think I’m happy enough with it but if I’ll have time I’ll try some more app and will write here what I think.
Thanks once more for your time!

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OpenCamera has a ton of options you can tune, and the different modes have an outsize effect on image quality and characteristics.

After using DRO for a long time on my One, I’ve found that I actually really value the more true-to-life coloration of Noise Reduction Mode across both my One and 2e (though with Detail Enhancement to Quality and Noise Reduction post-processing to Off).

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Wat is ‘DRO’? Can you share a link?

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DRO stands for Dynamic Range Optimization.

Basically the sensor under-exposes to preserve highlights, and then a tonemap is applied to boost mid and shadow.

It is explained further in the documentation in the prior post, alongside other OpenCamera functions.

In very good lighting, I found I enjoyed how sharp it looked. However, it can get very noisy and does not preserve color, especially of skintones, well.