Nav bar not hiding after software update

Hello, we just performed the update, but now the bottom navigation bar will not hide when the down arrow is clicked. This was something that was working prior to the update.

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I just tried and my nav bar can be hid with the arrow. Works on 2 other phones in our office.

Is it possible for you to message me a video or a screenshot?

Others - can anyone else try this as well please? Settings > Navigation Bar > Navigation Bar. Enable it and then use the arrow button on the bottom nav bar. See if it hides it. Swipe up brings it back.

It’s working fine for me

Here is a video:

Thanks for posting video. This is something we experienced before the update. Are you sure you are running Teracube_S1_06 (aka SW6)? Can you please check - Settings > System > About > Build number.

Yeah SW6 is running.

There is a potential of an app (with special access or funky thing) preventing it. I’ll suggest 2 ways of figuring it out:

  1. Uninstall all user apps and see if it starts working again. If yes, then reinstall one app at a time and find the “culprit” app.

  2. Backup and restore (factory reset). Takes about 1hour to be fully up again.

    2.1 Make sure
    – You are backed up (Settings > System > Backup).
    – And you remember your google password.
    2.2 Then do Factory reset (Settings > System > Reset options > factory reset)
    2.3 While setting the phone up again, bring all data but don’t reinstall all apps.
    2.4 See if the bar works and then reinstall apps one at a time.

This will be beneficial for many of us. Let us know what you find.

@Jason_Hoffart - were you able to do any of those steps. If yes, did it make a difference?

We just realized that this could also be caused by a messed up Android cache. This is a very common cause for unexpected behaviors. Clearing cache partition is harmless and takes 2-3 minutes to perform. Here are the steps:

The factory reset did the job. None of the other options worked. Tried multiple times on the cache as well. In the beginning, after unstalling apps, and both with the nav bar hide option checked and unchecked.

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