Need Android 11 Testers - $25 thank you gift

I will give it a shot. US T-Mobile.

I am willing to give it a shot.


I’m interested, Mint Mobile USA

I’ll give it a go count me in :+1:

I’ll volunteer

I use EE in the UK.

Happy to test
I’m in Australia, on Vodafone
I know I’m not a targeted tester, but happy to do it anyway even without the $25

Happy to test. America and ATT network.

Sign me up! Tmobile US.

I will pitch in. TMobile USA

yes to beta…sam…canada…rogers…

Happy to test. Canada Rogers.

I’m interested in the beta test Tmobile USA

I will test for you! Sign me up! T mobile LTE user here

Happy to test! USA and ATT.

T-Mobile user here. Both wi-fi and cellular.

Am available if needed. In NYC/Manhattan.

Happy to test! Canada (Public Mobile basically Telus)

Love the interest here :heart_eyes: Please feel free to get started - all instructions are on the Alpha Android 11 page.

You can post your feedback on that page as well.

If you are looking

I am on Rogers / Bell / Fonus and travel regularly to countries not Canada.

Willing to test. With At&t

im on tmobile if i can help. been waiting a while for this one