Need Android 11 Testers - $25 thank you gift

Hi All,

We have an Alpha build for Android 11 out. Need some of you courageous souls to jump in and help us out with testing. As a thank you note, we will give $25 (via Paypal) to the first x number of users who respond on this post. (x depends on the wireless carrier and condition below).

Note: First come first serve (max 23 users) for the $25 gift. Please jump in even if you just want to help and get a smooth Android 11 build soon.

What we are looking for:

  1. Read the Android 11 post to make sure you are comfortable with the steps. You can start testing right away.
  2. Cellular LTE testing in and around your home and work (for 1-2 days)
  3. Wifi testing
  4. Basic app testing
  5. Any other scenario you will like to be fixed
  6. Post feedback in the Android 11 thread.

TMobile (USA) - 2
AT&T (USA) - 2
Mint Mobile (USA) - 1
Cricket (USA) - 1

Rogers (Canada) - 2
Telus (Canada) - 2
Freedom Mobile (Canada) - 2

UK (Any 3 unique networks) - 3

EU (Any 5 unique networks) - 5
EU (Users who had roaming problem with EEA2) - 3

Would love to get good amount of feedback so that we can fix issues quickly and produce a smooth first Android 11 build - won’t we all love that :heart:.


I would give it shot. Im in the US and run a ATT sim through Redpocket mobile.

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Count me in! I’m on T-Mobile and use both Wi-Fi and data connections daily.
Love my Terracube and would like to help out!

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I am with AT&T and would love to try Android 11.

I will give it a shot. US T-Mobile.

I am willing to give it a shot.


I’m interested, Mint Mobile USA

I’ll give it a go count me in :+1:

I’ll volunteer

I use EE in the UK.

Happy to test
I’m in Australia, on Vodafone
I know I’m not a targeted tester, but happy to do it anyway even without the $25

Happy to test. America and ATT network.

Sign me up! Tmobile US.

I will pitch in. TMobile USA

yes to beta…sam…canada…rogers…

Happy to test. Canada Rogers.

I’m interested in the beta test Tmobile USA

I will test for you! Sign me up! T mobile LTE user here

Happy to test! USA and ATT.

T-Mobile user here. Both wi-fi and cellular.

Am available if needed. In NYC/Manhattan.

Happy to test! Canada (Public Mobile basically Telus)