Need Android 11 Testers - $25 thank you gift

I can test for Scandinavian users. I’m based in the EU, Denmark, Copenhagen
Carrier: Telenor

I’m in for testing. Telus subscriber.

Sign me up. I’m on MetroPCS by T-Mobile. Thanks,

I’d be willing. Tello (T-Mobile) in South Central Pa.

Count me in TMO USA

I am interested Canada with Telus

I am in the UK with EE

I would like to take part I am inthe UK and with Lebara

I’m in. USA and on T-Mobile.

I can help out and test the Android 11. I have ATT as a carrier and wifi.

Hi I am with Rogers in Canada. I can help if you still need someone. Cheers.

I can help on this testing for mint mobile USA

Yes please, T-Mobile user

I’m willing to help!
Eu based, WIND is my network.

Will probably try it out on Koodo (Telus) in Canada with or without $25. Thanks

Thanks everyone for pitching in. As mentioned earlier, sooner you start the better as development is in progress. Feedback has also started rolling in. Keep it coming folks!

Yes, I would love to be a tester with our without the money. How do I take part?

Hi @cyberbless - thanks for joining in. Here are the instructions.