Need help installing magisk- The official tutorial just doesn't seem to be working

I’ve been having issues with my phone restarting itself again lately. I decided to finally start from scratch and go back to an older update that didn’t cause this issue. I want to go back to 11.0.2, and root the phone through magisk and use it that way until 13 comes out.

I’ve previously followed this guide on this exact same phone before. It was tedious and annoying then, but I managed it within a day.

I am now on day 2 of trying over and over again to complete the process. It seems like every time I fix one thing, another breaks and prevents me from reaching the state I want my phone in.

So far, I’ve attempted the following:

  • Flashed stock android and installed magisk through TWRP following the guide here on the forum. After installing magisk, trying the apply any update- the OTA one that appears in teracube updater from stock, or the zip for 11.0.2- causes the phone to just boot back into recovery mode. I’m able to reboot back into the system after, but it just doesn’t apply the update. I’m stuck on stock android unless I factory reset again, setting me back to square one.
  • Tried updating first, and THEN installing magisk… But adb can’t push the needed zip file to my storage when I update, even to the next version of android 10 from within the updater. It seems my storage becomes encrypted in some way when I apply an update, and I don’t know how to get around it.

I don’t know how else to go about this, or what I could be doing wrong. I’m following the instructions to the letter, and it just isn’t working. Can anyone help me out?


Nevermind, followed the new procedure for installing magisk shared in my last thread about the live wallpaper bug and it worked instantly… The old guide just doesn’t work anymore!