Nuked cube


I really like the design and philosophy of teracube and I’m quite interested in /e/os so I gave it a shot.
Ended up not as cool as expected.
I’m completely unfamiliar with how android works and followed their install instructions, but it got a bit… creative.
Now here I am with a phone that bootloops as soon as it has any contact with power and when I try power+vol up and it works eventually I get a completely black screen.
Also not recognized as USB during blackscreen and during bootloop I get MX65somethingsomething loader for a few second before it turns off again.
Any way to save this sinking ship or is it at the bottom of the ocean?
How can I fix this?


This is the blackscreen
Other than that i only get bootscreen with ‘Teracube 2e’ + logo

You could try the latest factory reset directions:

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Sorry to hear that. @Maymne’s suggestion is spot on - his link is the best way to get your phone back to factory software.