[Official] Teracube 2e tempered glass screen protectors

It links to the product but there is no “Add To Cart” or way to choose them and checkout. :man_shrugging:

We are checking the inventory and should get back within 1-2 days.

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3 packs of these all have the same issue the right side does not stick and leaves a large air gap there is no way 3 packs (used all 6 of them) have the same exact issue unless its either the phone or the protectors themselves. will not be buying any more of them had to go back to the plastic ones which suck imo.

I found that the official teracube 2e screen protector from bluerigger on Amazon just about the most expensive and least fit for purpose of the lot.

I have a 5mm halo around the entire screen.

On others I’ve bought with similar failings, I have at least been supplied with a liquid that fills the gap with similar refractive properties to reduce the halo effect.

But it dries out and attracts dust.

The page on the TeraCube website now says 404 Not Found. There doesn’t seem to be a way to buy the TeraCube glass screen protector directly from TeraCube. :frowning:

Thanks for pointing that out @susang777. Link fixed. Do note that the latest set of screen protectors do not come with any installation material like wipes - only screen protectors in the box (packing error at the factory :frowning:).

It’s still showing upas a 404 Not Found error for me.

Can you apply it without the installation materials? Do you need wipes or something similar to install the screen protector?

Strange. I checked just now - the direct link goes here and should work. Can you check once again please - want to make sure it works for you and everyone else as well.

These are standard tempered glass screen protectors (with black borders). You will need cleaning cloth and wet/dry wipes to clean the screen. Check out this video which uses regular scotch tape to position the screen protector.
Note: The screen protectors need to be dead center so that the protector case does not touch them/affect them.

anyone found an actual glass version that DOES NOT have bubbles along the edge or that actually lays down properly? ive tried 5 different models including the oem teracube 2e ones and not one will fit properly along the edges everyone of them do not adhere at either one side or all the way around the edge

we have sadly had to go back to the plastic style ones there was NO other ones that didnt have bubbles. someone i know has a shop they let me try a bunch of them prob 6 different brands and for the 6a and 8 etc NONE of them including the teracube ones fit properly most of them had issues down the right side where a couple had issues all the way around. we then decided to check the front of the phone. we found the front of the phone is NOT flat this is why they have issues along the sides. we tested all 3 2e’s we have here and none of them are perfectly flat. we brought them somewhere they can test this with a laser and its down to .001 micron. the edges of the panel on all 3 curved slightly down which is why they dont stick on the edges.

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I feel you bro, the lack of after market Screen Protector and Protective Case is a serious turnoff, even Teracube’s own legit Screen Protector does not fit perfectly.

I found a site that sell several different brands of 2e Screen Protector, but they only ship within the EU. Have you try it?

i want glass though. the plastic flexible ones work fine with no bubbles from the other phones. but they are not glass and will not protect in the case of a fall.

Try searching for the brand name ‘upscreen’ and ‘BROTECT’, they both offer glass protector for 2e.



Both product did note that “Because of the curved edge of the display, the film is deliberately smaller than the display” in their listing.

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Thanks, @inferno17x for sharing these. Are you using any of them? Would love to know your experience with a better-fitting glass screen protector. Few questions I have are:

  1. Are these glass or some hybrid?
  2. Are they shorter on the edges? If yes, how is the use experience?

No, @Sharad I have not use it, that company is based in Germany and shipped within the EU and I’m in Asia. Will probably need 2e users from EU for feedback.

Links to all available Teracube 2e Screen Protectors

the last set i used said the same basic thing and i had thought it meant they made them smaller. but when i contacted them they just meant they dont go all the way to the edge of the actual screen glass not that the protector was actually made any smaller to cover less of the screen. the area that does not stick on all three 2e’s we have here is at least 1/8" or more so they would have to make them a lot smaller to not have that air gap on the edges in which case there is not much protection there anymore. one of the three we have there is more like 1/4" down the right side where none have stuck at all and ive tried a number of different ones. even had a company in china tell me they decided to not release 2e protectors because of this issue, they did have them in testing (i work with companies from over there for things for my job) they told me they would have to include oil with them which is only a temporary fix.

Thanks @Sharad,
I just ordered one now. Will keep my fingers crossed that I can apply it without too much trouble once it arrives.