Orange state everytime phone reboots /e/ OS

Glad it worked. @Maymne - thanks for helping out :heart_eyes:.

@ide - could you do a mini write up on what issues you ran into and how did it work out finally. Might be helpful for other users.


Issue #1 Disabling avb with the vbmeta-2e-stock.img caused data corruption for me.

Solution (found this solution in this post [Advanced users only] TWRP recovery + root for Teracube 2e)

I flashed it with vbmeta.img instead fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img

Issue #2 I wasn’t able to sideload the os zip file because the official github TWRP version name didn’t
match with device name

solution (Thanks to Maymne) :

Download this twrp recovery malvibuilds - Browse /Teracube-2e/TWRP at and fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

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