Orange state everytime phone reboots /e/ OS

So I attempted to install iodeos first. I follow the instructions to unlock bootloader, then disabled android verIfied boot.

When I reach the Step 2 of flash twp recovery
Reboot to bootloader using adb reboot bootloader
So I inputted the command “adb reboot bootloader”

It didn’t work, it said something along the lines of waiting for device. I researched on it and was able to reboot to bootloader using this command instead fastboot reboot bootloader.

I was able to flash twrp recovery however when I use the command fastboot reboot I wasn’t able to boot in TWRP but to OS setup (when you turn on the phone for first time to set up)

I gave up and lock the bootloader which gave a red state error which i had to to unlock. Then I went to install /e/ os using their installer. Successfully it did which I felt a relief. However everytime when I reboot the phone, the orange state appears. The phone is usable, the os and apps works fine just the reboot thing.

No sure, if I screwed up the phone security or do I need to reinstall everything. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Up until the point where you got to Android first-time setup, that sounds right. At that point, continuing to follow directions, the next steps would have been to set up your Android, enable USB debugging, then flash TWRP. After it’s loaded and you’re connected with USB debugging, you can reboot to TWRP using adb reboot recovery, not bootloader.

Thank you that makes sense now. So now do I have repeat all the steps from unlocking bootloader to disable avb to flashing twrp to install iodeOS.

i’m using /e/ os right now would like to switch to iodeOS. i’m guessing I can skip the bootloader step since my phone is in orange state. Probably have to disable avb again just to be safe.

If your bootloader is locked again, you’ll want to unlock it first despite the orange state. But as long as it’s actually unlocked, you’re probably at the stage where you’re ready to load TWRP into the system and then you can adb reboot recovery to get in. If you aren’t planning on wiping everything, be sure to disable ANY AND ALL screen locking security. If you have anything beyond swipe (even just a basic pattern) enabled, TWRP will not be able to access the data and you may or may not be able to reboot back to system without wiping data again. As people will repeatedly note in just about every release, the Teracube TWRP can’t decrypt yet, so it gets angry when you make it try.

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Yea you are right i should unlock the bootloader just in case. And to remove password.

Weird thing I noticed that in /e/ os doesn’t have oem unlock in the developer options. im guessing fastboot flashing unlock should do the trick. Or add in fastboot oem unlock

Alternatively, since you’re going to another OS that doesn’t involve data survival, you could reflash stock to make it super safe. Up to you.

Apparently when I attempted to sideload the iodeos rom.
I got this error

Unmounting system....
E3004: This package is for device: 2e.Teracube_2e;
this device is yk673v6_lwg62_64

Yea maybe I should try reflash stock. How do you flash if you’re on linux

[Advanced] Installing an Android image w/ SP Flash - Guides - Teracube Community (

The SP Flash directions will get you back to full stock. Alternatively, you can just reload the recovery from the full stock image. I’ve done that before. It’s definitely faster.

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Ok I was able to flash full stock!

Orange state notifies that bootloader is unlocked. Its not a problem by itself as long as you are aware of the reason. You will have to stay in this state if you want to run /e/ OS or any other non-stock firmware.

For some reason I can’t sideload the iodeOS because the device name is yk673v6_lwg62_64 instead of 2e,teracube_2e .
Maymne mention this in another thread

We’ve had a variety of different devices for our TWRP versions. The stock recovery is Teracube_2e, the SourceForge TWRP is 2e (no Teracube_ prefix), and the ‘official’ Github TWRP is the yk673v6 device name. While nothing except stock works to flash Stock16, getting Magisk up takes some variety of TWRP. It’s part of the fun.

So what should I do, I dont quite follow. Sorry lol, figuring it out as I go lol

Try this version of TWRP: malvibuilds - Browse /Teracube-2e/TWRP at

You should be able to flash it from inside TWRP. This should be the version named 2e, which (based on what you posted above) should count as valid for flashing iodeOS for you.

Oh ok, so I do this fastboot flash recovery recovery.img for the TWRP part?
fastboot reboot

Or you can boot into TWRP and flash the img file from in there.

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OMg it worked!

Thank you so much Maymne!

Glad to help. I don’t always track my emails or the forum especially well, but always happy to be of service when I see the messages. :slight_smile: