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Shortly after I wrote this I got the May 2020 security patch so we are trying to get there… But my entry level TAB A 8 (2019) is now running Android 10


I understand your concern. We have learned a lot in our 1st year. Covid had derailed our software update plans a bit. However we are moving in the right direction and should get on quarterly update cycle by the year end or sooner.

Here is where we stand today:

  • May 2020 security patch update (SW7) is rolling out as we speak. If you have not received SW7, then please check under Settings > System > About > Wireless update
  • We are hard at work for the Android 10 update. We will keep providing updates as we make progress. Here is our latest update on that.

The new cases for Teracube One have finished production and will be shipping soon to our warehouses.

The upcoming phone (2e) will ship with a much more protective case right from get go :slight_smile: .


Thank you for replying Sharad. I have the new security patch update which is nice. Once we start getting some cases lined up and consistent updates its going to be good. I was a little shocked/excited at first when I saw a new phone coming out because people could think were losing attention on the first Teracube. However Teracube 1 is probably almost in its 2nd year. From the time you guys started designing it to being released, till now.

When we get closer to getting our cases maybe we can get a pre order set up?

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Seeing as how we are seeing the 2e “heads-up” now, I was wondering what the planned device release cadence was for Teracube… is there a plan to release a phone ever 1.5 years, every 2 years? Just curious

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We will figure out a consistent release cycle as we go along. On that note - 2e is not a direct successor to Teracube (One) - its more of a new series by itself (in terms of pricing and feature set). We do plan to have separate series of phones which would have their own release schedules.


Which puts them a whole 12 months ahead of LG. Not so bad in my experience.


Is it difficult to make phones GSM and CDMA? Would love to see future Teracubes have them both.

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More expensive, unfortunately.

I figured that but I’d be willing to pay a little more for full compatibility. I mean if it adds $100 to the price that doesn’t make sense but if it’s an extra 20 to 40 bucks. It would be worth getting. Having full compatibility is a big thing for alot of people. It’s nice being able to use any network with the phone you’re going to keep for 4 years. I also feel like phones that are GSM and CDMA tend to hold a higher value. So in a sense it could even out.

Since you have said that there will be different series of phones. I hope you make a series of phone that has a good AMOLED screen and a great camera. It would be cool to have a phone that’s focused on sustainably with the content creator in mind.


As per our understanding, GSM and CDMA are what we know as 2G wireless. 2G was different technology for GSM vs CDMA. However after 2G came 3G, 4G and now 5G wireless technologies that are all universal and common to both GSM and CDMA carriers. Hence CDMA vs GSM is becoming more and more a moot point. Most US carriers are in the process of shutting down their 3G while 2G is being used mostly for IoT and other low-throughput stuff. Carriers will only use 4G (and 5G) for smartphone data and calls from here on.

Given all this, it does not make sense to work on CDMA technology especially at added cost and inconvenience.

Now reason for not supporting Verizon is not technology but rather their closed nature. They require certifications and testing that cost 6 figures+. T-Mobile on the other hand is highly BYOD friendly. AT&T is somewhere in between.


That makes a lot of sense. I didn’t know all of that. I thought GSM and CDMA were their own networks all the way up to LTE. I didn’t realize they are mainly there for voice calling on the 2g and 3g networks and are on their way out. Hopefully over the next year or two more carriers will open up. Thanks for the info @Sharad.


With the Teracube 2e having a replaceable battery. A possible idea to kick around would be to sell a charging dock of some kind that an extra battery could charge on without being in the phone. One thing I miss about my old “dumb phone” is I would buy an extra battery and always have it charged incase I needed power and I couldn’t wait to charge.


Will AT&T get certification? That way VoLTE can be used?

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I’m using my Teracube on At&T

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Looking into that. They definitely don’t make it easy :slight_smile:.


That is indeed an interesting scenario. We might not have an external charger right of the gate. However we will definitely look into it in the future.

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Something like this. Heck this one might even work since its universal.


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Glad you pointed this out. Ordered it right away to test it out :slight_smile::+1:.