Pin on new Teracube 2e phone?

Hello, I recently purchased a Teracube phone and it has arrived today. I turn it on, and to my surpised instead of the normal setup process, It told me to enter pin??? Is there a default pin or something? I can not seem to unlock this phone. Do i have to return and get a new one?

Hi @killertaker - welcome to Teracube forums. Apologies for that. Every Teracube box is factory sealed with tape - was your unit sealed? If yes, it is possible (although rare) that the unit was not factory reset after testing at the assembly line. You can use the steps below to reset the phone:

If your box was not sealed, then it could have been a mistake from the warehouse. Please drop an email to and they’ll be able to assist you with a replacement.

Thank you for your reply. I Have actually went through that guide a few hours after posting my original post. It however did not work. It said I would have to log in to the google account used on the phone.

Now that you mention the tape thing. There is tape on the box, but I do not recall undoing the tape and it is cut in straight lines.

I have purchased the phone from Amazon, and I have asked for a replacement there.

Thank you again for the help! and let me know if there anything else I should try.

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