Pixel Experience

Did anyone try the Pixel Experience yet?
It looks promising.
Here some info about it:

“[ROM][11.0][UNOFFICIAL] PixelExperience for Teracube One [v7101o] | XDA Developers Forums”

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I tested it! And it’s flawless!
The only problem I had spinning Getting info for Google, but I fixed it by skipping the set up and going to Play Store and applying all updates.
Now that the bootloader is already unlocked, can I root it and not lose data?

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I would think so - just rooting should not wipe data. Other root experts can weigh in though. Unlocking bootloader is guaranteed to wipe data (as you already know).

Glad to hear your experience on a custom rom. Is VoLTE working? Other features?

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VoLTE is working fine.
I don’t see any issues yet.
I will keep you posted.


Can I perform these steps, down below, or everyone is specific to the OS and/or the build?

  • Perform Bootloader unlock steps (as above). Otherwise, the phone will complain of verification and will not allow you to proceed
  • Connect Teracube to your PC/computer using the USB-C cable came with the package.
  • Use platform-tools on your computer and run the command to flash the patched bootloader to your phone (your BOOT.IMG filename may vary)

fastboot flash boot teracube_patched_boot_sw1_magisk_20.4.img

  • Run the following command to complete reboot your phone and complete the process

fastboot reboot

I actually, already patched the boot.img into magisk_patched_DI9EX.img, but I was stuck in fastboot loop after that.
Anyone can help with rooting please?

I successfully unlocked my bootloader and flashed the PE recovery, but I’m stuck. I have the PE ROM downloaded, but adb can’t seem to locate it. Where do I need to put the .zip so adb will find it? Given my lack of knowledge, I recognize that I may have even that assessment wrong. I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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You need to extract the image from the zip file. The location doesn’t matter, provided you pass the full location to ADB properly.

Thanks Saijin - would that be the boot.img and/or dtbo.img? Then would it automatically pull in other files that were in the zip package?

I believe it’s boot.img

Easiest is to have the zip file in the same directory as your adb command. Then adb sideload <filename.Zip> should work.

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I followed the instructions, and it said my syntax was bad. I entered:

adb sideload <PE_v7101o.zip>

Am I missing something?


adb sideload PE_v7101o.zip