Power and touchscreen issues

So lately, over the past few months, I’ve been having a couple issues with my 2e. Originally, I thought it was a battery problem, but I’ve found that the battery is still in great shape, however, if the phone is bumped, it’ll restart, and will say the battery is at 1%, or 30%, or 90%, or some other random number (I have it set to limit charging to 70%). I’m thinking there might be a loose connection somewhere, any ideas where? Thought I’d ask since this is my only phone, so I don’t want to start digging into it and risk it being unusable.
Another issue I have is with the touchscreen. It seems that when I touch it, it’ll kinda spazz out and show touches all over the place, confirmed with the “show touches” option.
Could these two issues be related? What do I have to fix, or is this a warranty problem?

Hi @eccoblackfin - here are a few things you can try:

  1. Follow these [ Basic Troubleshooting ] Battery life or other unexpected issues - including a reset if nothing else fixes the battery thing.

  2. Regarding the sporadic touches - can you check if moisture might have made its way under your screen protector? You might have to remove it and reapply a new one. If the screen protector is not the issue, then a backup and reset would be another thing to try.

If these do not work, then going for a warranty swap will be the way to go (email: support@myteracube.com with your Order information, country, and issue detail).

No screen protector on the phone, tried it for a little while and it significantly dropped the input sensitivity. Tried all of the above options, and nothing seems to have fixed it. There’s gotta be a loose connection in there somewhere, so it looks like warranty is the only way to go.
Thanks for your help!

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