Screen peeling off. Suggestions?

Quick side note: as much as I approve of the mentality behind making biodegradable phone cases, they unfortunately, well, degrade past the point of staying on the phone.

Anyway, due to lacking a case and not finding something suitable for roughly half a year, it seems the top of the screen has begun peeling off from the phone itself. It’s possible the battery has expanded, but I’m more so wondering if there’s a particular glueing method teracube support recommends.

There’s no cracks or anything major that I can tell, just the glass screen peeling off from the frame.

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If you suspect the battery, I would pull it and check. The cell should look reasonably square from each edge and not have much “air” or puff to it when you press on it. If it is failing, please discontinue usage and dispose of it properly.

For the display, many folks who DIY repairs will use a few drops (or if you want to get fancy, a nice even skim coating) of T7000 adhesive along the frame rail under the display to create a gasket seal.

Officially, that is not the recommendation of TeraCube, but as a former repair technician, I have seen it done and have done so myself. You will assume all risk, however.

You can 3d-print a case yourself.
I posted some pictures of my custom case in this thread.

When I have a version 4 printed, I post the STL there without the logo.

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