Screen protector install - it's not a one and done!

Hi all here is a bit of a tutorial on the screen install on my son Teracube he messed it up put it on top of his sticker and then touched the sticky part with his fingers … yes it’s is still usable!! Got bubbles no worries still usable! Sorry this was a super fast video before bed if took my time like you should you will be able to make it straighter if mess up no worries remove and start over! Ya. Ok I can’t up load the video’s I made so darn. Basically you need

And then

You will give the screen a super light misting think woman spritzing purfum into the air and letting it land on her spritz a bit in the air let it land on the screen then carefully place the tacky side down and centre the water droplets will let the screen protector move try to keep it centre and push the moisture out with the bubbles with the spatula. Keep a dry paper towel close at hand to dry the small amount of moisture that comes out the sides. This will take a bit of time but work from the center out firmly not hard were not here to break your phone! If fails don’t toss out the protector you can wash with soap both sides just note the tacky side and try again. If worried you can Spritz the screen protector like I mentioned above and place that way. Will see if can load the videos into my Google drop box and share a link to them to see.

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Thanks for the tip. I’m assuming this is for the plastic screen protector, correct?

Sorry no this is for the tempered glass but will work for the plastic one as well.

Ooh nice - good to know that the glass one can also be “fixed”, i.e. reinstalled.

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This worked!
I didn’t know it was possible to wash a screen protector with soap but that removed all the dust.
I noticed that the mist cannot be pushed out from under the selfie camera, so I recommend wiping that spot first before reapplying the screen protector.

Thank you for the tutorial.

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