Security Updates

While I am happy that Teracube is working on a Android 11 Alpha update, I am unhappy that the latest OTA security update was issued on May 5, 2021. This means that I am not protected against security issues that have developed over the past 6 plus months. I am under the impression that the Android 11 update when issued will have the September security update included, but it may take several more months before the stable version of Android 11 is ready for an OTA release. I would urge you to decouple the security updates from Android version updates. I can live with Android 10, but I cannot live without frequent security updates. I applaud the involvement of the the Teracube community in the alpha/beta testing of Android 11. Perhaps that will speed the process along. I hope that the development of alternative os systems and the involvement of Teracube staff does not eat up time that could be better spent on Android updates/security updates. I rarely use my Teracube 2e because I am leery of security issues. I found it necessary to buy a phone that is cheaper than the Teracube 2e and is running Android 11 with frequent security updates.

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Team is learning our way through this maze and are working on improving our security update process. To set expectations right, we hope to achieve an update every 4-6 months in 2022 and better it from there.