Signal (app) on Teracube One Android 10

Like many others, I have apps that don’t give me notifications unless I open them each day. This frustrating issue brought me here, but I can’t find any instructions for how to actually enable Duraspeed. It doesn’t turn up when I search my settings for it. Can anyone help me out?

I’m running Android 10 on a Teracube One. Please and thank you!

Hi @LindenTree - welcome to Teracube forums. Android 10 on T1 does not have Duraspeed and should not require any special treatment for apps. Which particular apps are experiencing this issue? Have you tried Battery optimization for those apps?

Hi Sharad, thanks for the reply! I have tried turning off battery optimization, and I’m still experiencing the issue with Outlook, ProtonMail, Slack, Discord, Nextdoor, my budgeting app YNAB, and possibly Signal and Telegram. Those two I usually open every day anyway, so it’s hard to pinpoint whether the issue exists.

I can’t think of anything else to try, so I would love some advice. I’m missing messages. :frowning:

" Android 10 on T1 does not have Duraspeed" has me head-scratching. Mine does with 10.1.0 Have I done something wrong? I can verify that my 2e Android 11 does not. Everything works except Bluetooth w/ my 12 yr old car. But that will be another topic thread.

Hmm, yeah I have 10.0.2 and it looks like Duraspeed is here for me too. Your screen shot showed me where to look. Odd that searching my settings didn’t turn it up :roll_eyes: but oh well.

I can’t figure out how to upload screenshots using the mobile interface, but I have some analogous to Pat’s.