Status on FreeStyle Libre?

Hey there, I’ve read around and it seems this is a known issue and there’s some activity on getting a resolution. My experience is it “works” but it requires holding it for 10-30 seconds with a 10% success rate. I’ve seen this briefly with a Galaxy S5 but I can’t remember the rom it had. I know I’ve had the G900P which I believe this “used” to be a problem on then later going to the G900T. The only custom roms I’ve used is Lineageos and Murena’s /e/ rom. I’m pretty sure it worked fine on the G900P after doing something that I can’t recall, perhaps it was a baseband/firmware issue but it behaves exactly like that if it helps narrow things down. I’m willing to help however I can if getting logs or any resource from both my old phone that works well and my Teracube 2e. Thanks in advance.

As an update, my theory is the antenna may be too weak and I’m not sure if that can be changed in firmware. In a slight hint of frustration after spending almost an hour trying to get it to work, I pressed it as hard as I can against the sensor and miraculously it worked instantly. It’s been hard to replicate that miracle since but that’s so far all of the information I have and would be happy to help out to get this taken care of.

EDIT: I came across this: Troubleshooting NFC payments or other NFC related issue - #2 by peterforint There was nothing particularly wrong with mine but it gave me some new information. What I found odd was it seemed like I was getting more lucky going closer down towards the teracube logo. What DOES line up however is I had more luck when the phone is perpendicular from my arm and not alongside it. That might be because both metal squares have more contact with the sensor where as the other way, it’s more likely to only hit one. I read that rubberized ferrite can help with amplifying the signal but if I can find any at a decent price I’ll post results.

The only thing so far I can suggest is make sure the sensor is lined up between the vol up and vol down button but on the other side. Make sure the phone is not lined up with your arm, perpendicular like a cross. I’m having decent luck getting it to work this way.

Only other thing of note is it likes to temporarily break the sensor by saying “Try again in 10 minutes”. I can’t confirm what causes that but I’m assuming it has to recalibrate cause of some break in signal.