Stuck rebooting after rooting (/e/OS)

I tried rooting my 2e using this guide but now my phone just continuously reboots. The only issue I ran into when using the guide was that there was no vbmeta.img from the guide, so I used the one from the latest e/OS/ build. My phone was fully up to date on the stable branch, which is the ones I used. I can still access the boot menu, but recovery and android just put me back in the same loop. Bootloader puts me in the menu I used to flash boot and vbmeta. Anyone know what went wrong? Is there any way to fix it?

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Sorry for the trouble.

It sounds like you tried the guide using /e/OS v1.21.1 or v2.0.0, correct?

It is possible that this no longer works on these releases.

I have not seen much discussion about this on the /e/OS Community recently, either.