T-Mobile compatibility with Teracube 2e

Posting this just as FYI (a user asked whether it is compatible). Teracube 2e is fully compatible with all the main TMobile LTE bands. Here is a snapshot of the TMobile’s BYOD compatibility page - https://www.t-mobile.com/resources/bring-your-own-phone


I get that too when I check my IMIE But when I put the T-Mobile SIM in the Teracube 2e this is what I get:

Extended Range LTE
Not Compatible
Your device can’t take advantage of Extended Range LTE, our most powerful signal, which reaches 2X as far and provides 4X better coverage in buildings than ever before. Upgrade to a 600 MHz or 5G device for our best coverage and fastest speeds.

Not Compatible
Your device is not compatible with our 4G LTE network. To take full advantage of our network, consider upgrading your phone.

And, of course, according to the actual phone I am only receiving 3G service.

I have done the following trying to fix this:

  1. Try the other slot.

  2. Try a different T-Mobile SIM (maybe from a store employee) or friends/family. (New SIM from the T-Mobile store)

  3. If that does not help, you can do a factory reset ( Warning : Do backup your data first).

  4. Used a second Teracube 2e phone

I still have the problem. This is build Teracube_2e_06

Was with T-Mobile for many years. Recently switched to Mint Mobile with no known issue. They are under T-Mobile networks. On 4G LTE.

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