[ Troubleshooting ] Cellular data not working

If your cellular data is not working, then follow the below steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Make sure your cellular network is fully supported by Teracube. For example - here is the list of US carriers supported by Teracube phones. Feel free to search/ask on forums.

  2. Check if Mobile Data is enabled
    2.1 Either by pulling Quick settings down.
    2.2 OR Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile network > Mobile Data should be enabled.

  3. Reboot and try again.

  4. Try a different supported SIM card if possible

  5. Try the SIM card in the 2nd SIM card slot.

  6. Do a factory reset.

  7. If still not working, then please write an email to support@myteracube.com with details on the above steps.