T-Mobile compatibility with Teracube 2e

Posting this just as FYI (a user asked whether it is compatible). Teracube 2e is fully compatible with all the main TMobile LTE bands. Here is a snapshot of the TMobile’s BYOD compatibility page - https://www.t-mobile.com/resources/bring-your-own-phone


I get that too when I check my IMIE But when I put the T-Mobile SIM in the Teracube 2e this is what I get:

Extended Range LTE
Not Compatible
Your device can’t take advantage of Extended Range LTE, our most powerful signal, which reaches 2X as far and provides 4X better coverage in buildings than ever before. Upgrade to a 600 MHz or 5G device for our best coverage and fastest speeds.

Not Compatible
Your device is not compatible with our 4G LTE network. To take full advantage of our network, consider upgrading your phone.

And, of course, according to the actual phone I am only receiving 3G service.

I have done the following trying to fix this:

  1. Try the other slot.

  2. Try a different T-Mobile SIM (maybe from a store employee) or friends/family. (New SIM from the T-Mobile store)

  3. If that does not help, you can do a factory reset ( Warning : Do backup your data first).

  4. Used a second Teracube 2e phone

I still have the problem. This is build Teracube_2e_06

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Was with T-Mobile for many years. Recently switched to Mint Mobile with no known issue. They are under T-Mobile networks. On 4G LTE.


I am also running into this problem. No problem with a Speedtalk plan but I didn’t care for their service. T-Mobile is telling me the same as this first comment. It’s been months since my purchase, I’m not sure if buying a new Teracube is a practical solution. I’m willing to try a factory reset, but not if it didn’t fix the issue. Same with replacing the SIM. Any other suggestions?

For what it’s worth, I’m on T-Mobile myself (Magenta plan) and all the features seem to work … about as well as they should, I think. I get enhanced (name) caller ID, spam/scam protection, visual voicemail, HD Voice, and Android’s enhanced “chat features” between compatible numbers on messaging. Everything seems to work with my 2e.

Hi @Rachel_Munoz - welcome to Teracube community forums. TMobile is fully supported. Infact (I might have mentioned it somewhere on forums earlier) - most of our team here uses TMobile with Teracube phones :slight_smile:.

Could you try the steps in [ Troubleshooting ] Cellular data not working and let us know what you find.

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Thank you much! Resting the network settings was a total no brainer and I’m glad I didn’t need to factory reset. Thanks for the response and for the link. My bad for being stressed and not looking for the answers a little bit harder :wink: Much appreciated!


Can someone post a Speedtest, maybe a Youtube Video of a T-mobile 4g LTE Speedtest, and reference the phone and model in the “TITLE and Description”? I can’t find one of these… So you’d be the first, it seems…

It’s obv going to be location dependent, but here’s what I got.

Potential new customer planning on getting a new cell phone in the next 6 months, provided I can confirm the Teracube will work with my network carrier.

Currently I’m using Boost Mobile from T-Mobile and strongly prefer sticking with that if at all possible for a variety of reasons.This post from @Sharad makes me think the Teracube 2e would work fine with Boost mobile, but I guess I could use a little more reassurance.

From my research, Boost Mobile supports T-Mobile and Sprint networks for coverage. It also says that most unlocked phones will work on one of Boost’s networks.

I’m guessing that if I got a Teracube 2e, I’d be able to use it on Boost, but only on the T-Mobile and not on the Sprint network. Does that sound accurate?

My main concern with the Teracube 2e is that I’ll order one only to learn I’ll need to change carriers to actually be able to use it. I’m hoping I can avoid that, so would appreciate any information from @Sharad or other users that may have experience using the Teracube 2e with Boost on the T-Mobile network.

Appreciate any information to put my mind at ease or of other related concerns I should be aware of.


Hi @Plural_porcupine - we would love to have you as a Teracube user. Unfortunately though, Boost mobile is not supported as they might be doing some custom cellular stuff on top of TMobile. Here is the list of supported carriers with Teracube 2e. If cost is the primary concern, there are bunch of good affordable options like Mint mobile, TMobile prepaid, Red pocket, etc.

Thanks @Sharad for the quick response. Disappointed it won’t work with Boost, but glad I double-checked. Cost is my biggest reason for not wanting to switch…I didn’t know about Mint mobile until you mentioned it. After checking it out though, it seems like it will be slightly cheaper for me and may actually provide better coverage.
It should be at least as good, so I’m going to switch and give it a shot so I can buy the Teracube 2e.

Sorry for my slow response, I had some cell phone issues and thought I might have to buy a new one sooner than expected. But at least I have a plan now for when that time may come.

Thanks again for the help, I appreciate it.

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Recently I tried my T-Mobile SIM card on the Terracube 2e without success. In my case, I’m a Sprint customer who was sent TMO SIM’s which I thought meant I was on GSM, but it turns it out I’m really not. Perhaps that was your issue as well?

Hi @Hovsep - welcome to Teracube forums. My guess would be that your new SIMs are still connected to your Sprint account somehow? Just as a check can you try few things:

  1. See if a reboot helps.
  2. Check the 2nd SIM slot.
  3. If its possible, try with a regular TMobile SIM card (from a friend/family/store).

I had to go into a T-mobile store and have them change me over from Sprint. It required a new plan and everything - it may be the sim cards they sent you were just for your old Sprint phone?

Try this: