T1 Lost Data Connection ("Roaming") w/Mint

Both my wife and I have experienced issues with our data connection since mid-May. Data drops and has the little “R” above the signal bars. Usually either switching to airplane or a restart can get signal back but not always. This causes interruptions in service, calls, etc.

Carrier is Mint Mobile and they insist it’s a Teracube issue. My wife and I are both using build 10.0.2. Have done a factory reset, problem still persists.

Any assistance to possibly resolve this matter is appreciated!

[Edit: added screenshot]

Hi @xamgis - apologies for the late reply. Do you remember if you updated to 10.0.2 directly from Android 9 or through some Alpha/Beta builds? I ask because there was a recommendation to do a factory reset on 10.0.2 if facing any network issues. Regardless, that would be my suggestion - try a full reset on one of the phones and see if that fixes it.

@Sharad Hi, I’ve had 10.0.2 build for a while (since it was pushed to the phones I think) and didn’t have an issue with my cell carrier until mid-May. I have already tried a factory reset and the problem still persists, unfortunately.

I’m at a loss as to what it could be. I’ve done the soft reset, the factory reset. Any thoughts are appreciated :+1: