T2e 2022 batch - how to restore to factory?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on my Teracube 2e. It says ERROR: STATUS_EXT_RAM_EXCEPTION (0xC0050005)

I think it’s not working because the stock firmware files here are too old for a brand new 2e. Maybe there’s been a hardware revision or something? Either way, it’s not working and I don’t know why. Someone please help, if you can.

Hi @KavusKazian - yes the new batch of 2e has a different TEE and has different firmware package. Here is the new link. Please only use “Download” mode in SP Flash - do not use “Format All+Download”

Thanks! Is that for the US version?

Hmm… The fingerprint reader doesn’t work with this image.

EDIT: It also looks like VoLTE may not be working.

Is it possible to get back to the exact ROM that came with the phone? This one is some sort of test ROM, it even includes an app for testing NFC Forum compliance.

Did you by chance use the “Format All+Download” option in SP Flash? That removes the TEE (needed for fingerprint) and IMEI (cellular/VoLTE won’t work).

The SP Flash provided here in our forums has that dangerous option removed.

Yes I did, the tool told me I needed to… Is there any way to repair that?

I see in the linked post that it says I can’t fix that. Can I pay you to fix it? It is sort of my fault, since I just did what the program said without asking first. Although, why didn’t you update the instructions to link to the patched version?

Yes - we can replace your phone (under warranty). Just send an email to support@myteracube.com mentioning a link to this topic, your Order id as well as stating that this is a 2022 batch.

Apologies for the confusion. The patched version is linked in the SP Flash article. However, we should have updated all articles upfront to say that the new batch of T2e should not be flashed with the old Android 10 software or lineage or /e/ OS (yet).

Thank you so, so much. I actually feel really bad because I should have asked before just doing what SP Flash told me to do.

I just want to say, this is a great phone and I’m really happy with the quality of it.

I’ll do the warranty stuff as soon as I get home. (Should be tomorrow or the next day.)

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so does this work with the ones made before 2022? my wife and daughter been waiting for updates forever and now the new 2e gets them right away? dang should have held onto my other phone sold it for 170$ and now they are 300$?? wow

The Android 11 build is not yet compatible with the 1st batch (sold in 2020-21). We are working on it.

Hey, so I got the replacement phone, and it actually has the old partition layout, so I was able to install iodeOS! Thanks!

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@Sharad Have you a workaround to fix this issue? After several issues with my device I have try this option by mistake "Format All+Download”. Now everything is good except the fingerprint and the cellular VoLTE .

Unfortunately - there is no workaround to fix that. We have advised everyone not to use “Format All+Download” option (the SP Flash article says to only use “Download” mode).

Best is for you to get a warranty replacement by emailing support@myteracube.com .