Tap to sleep no longer available after upgrade to Android 10

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

I just manually updated my T1 to the latest stable version (i.e. android 10), and now I no longer have access to the Tap to Sleep option. This setting was visible next to the Tap to Sleep setting on android 9.

The closest thing I could find on these forums is this thread, though it doesn’t really explain why this setting is no longer available.

I liked using this setting as I didn’t really need to use the power button for waking and sleeping, and that was convenient.

Any ideas?

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Thanks for reporting. Confirmed not available on my unit. Opening an internal Dev issue.


I don’t have the T1, so forgive my ignorance, but does it use stock or close to stock Android 10? If it does, the stock Android 10 launcher removed tap to sleep. You’ll probably need to use an app or a custom launcher to get it back. I know Nova Launcher and Lawnchair have it, but others probably do too.

Ah, that’s what I was worried about. Thanks for the info!

Forgot to reply here - this issue was fixed in 10.0.1 release.