Teracube 2e not updating, overheating and other issues

Hello community. I bought the teracube 2E about a month ago and I have had nothing but problems even since I ran a update. From what it looks like it updated to Android 10 and ever since my phone is overheating when charging, it randomly restarts even though battery life is fine, my cameras are working but only if I’m taking a picture that I’m attaching to an email or a message, the take picture button doesn’t work if I’m trying to take a picture of something straight from the camera or if I’m trying to take a selfie. And the joyn app appeared after the update and it is very annoying because I do not want any preinstalled services on my phone. Also, even though I see there are newer updates my phone does not show that it can update so it is sick on Android 10 from 2021. Help! I am not a techy person at all!

Hi @Guzla - apologies for the late reply. Could you please follow these instructions to update your phone to the latest 11.0.4 update?

Android 11.0.4 for Teracube 2e 1st batch (SN: 2020)