Teracube 2E will not accept SD card

I just installed a new 128GB SD card my my Teracube 2E, but it won’t read the new card. I have gone through the steps of setting it up, formatting, etc. but the formatting seems to stop at around 40% and when I go back to check under storage, it tells me again the card is corrupted. Needless to say I have repeated the same operation several times, to no avail.

I have inserted the same card in my previous Android phone and it formatted just fine.

Help please.

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Hi @Jbergeron - apologies for the late reply. I’ll have the team look at this and reply back here if they need more info from you.

Could you try the following:

  1. Try a different SD Card
  2. Format the SD Card in the other phone and bring it to Teracube 2e
  3. Format the SD card as Fat32 in a Windows PC and then bring it T2e.
  4. Do a factory reset on T2e and try again.

If another SD card also does not work, then let us know. We can do a warranty replacement of your unit.