Teracube 2e with Mint Mobile

TLDR: I’m probably ordering the 2e in the next few days with plans to switch to Mint Mobile and install either LineageOS or e OS. Any reasons I should rethink that?

Getting ready to finally order the Teracube2e, just have a few questions I’m hoping someone may be able to help with before placing the order. I hope these questions aren’t out of place, if there’s a better place to ask let me know!

-I’m going to need to switch carrier from Boost Mobile to something that supports the Teracube 2e. Mint Mobile seems like it will work well for me, but when I went to check compatibility it only lists the Teracube One as compatible. You can’t actually choose the 2e to check compatibility, is it safe to assume the 2e will also work with Mint Mobile since the One does?

-One of the big reasons I’m switching phones is to be able to move away from Android/Google. I’ve seen there are folks working to get lineageOS and eOS to work with the Teracube. I’ve never rooted a phone or installed an alternate OS before, but I’m reasonably good at following instructions. I’m assuming it will be easier to do right when I get the phone. Any recommendations for which OS is easiest? Or links to clear instructions?

-Anything I should be aware of before I order the 2e, switch to Mint Mobile and load something like Lineage on it? Basically I want to have realistic expectations before I order it, so I can avoid disappointments. For example, I know a lot of people are disappointed in the 2e’s camera, but I can live with that. I’m not expecting anything life changing, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for any help/tips.

@Plural_porcupine Teracube 2e with /e/ works on Mint mobile, but wifi calling is not supported.

I’m using a 2e running LineageOS on Mint. The only thing that doesn’t work is Wi-Fi calling, but that is a known issue in the current LineageOS build.

Hi @Plural_porcupine - I hate to say this. We are out of stock right now in the US and are expecting it to be back by late Nov-early Dec.

Both /e/ OS and Lineage have similar instructions via fastboot. Once you do it the 1st time, it’ll come easy. For sample, here are the lineage instructions. There is some work happening on make an installer for lineage (not sure on the ETA though).

Great to have that confirmed. It’s disappointing to hear Wi-Fi calls don’t work, but I can look past that.

@Sharrad, glad to hear people are ordering the 2e, but kicking myself for not buying one over the summer before they sold out. Hopefully, they become available in the US again before the end of the year and that my current cell phone can hang on a few months longer. Thanks for linking the lineage instructions, they seem like something I’ll be able to follow. Maybe the bright side of the 2e being out of stock will be that the installer is released before I get my hands on the 2e :upside_down_face:

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Sad to hear that it may be so long. I am super interested in this because of the removeable battery

Hi @RazorTalon - did you have to do anything to get Mint mobile to work with /e/? Did you enter APN settings or did it work by itself? Another user is not able to get data to work.

Hi Sharad, it’s been a little while but I believe I just inserted the SIM card.

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The 2e, Mint Mobile and wifi calling work together. Beware though, as the wifi calling (in my experience) will turn itself off for no apparent reason. It has even happened in the middle of a call!