Teracube New Model Cycle

I was discussing new phone cycles with a friend where companies release a new phone every year and in some cases every 6 months. It gets over whelming. Wondering what the vision of Teracubes cycle will or could look like.
I could see 2 1/2 to 3 years in between phones for Teracubes. That way it’s right when your updates end and a year before your warranty expires so you’re not rushed to get your new model but have the option. Thoughts?

I definitely agree with your statements. I really hate the yearly release cycle, especially when the “new” models don’t offer anything new. Slightly faster processor, slightly brighter screen, slightly bigger battery/battery life, etc. Some manufactures don’t even offer anything new after 2 generations and they just get more expensive. What a waste…LG, HTC =D. I know I’ve gotten 1 year old LG flagship phones for less than 1/2 the price because they have no resale value and/or the current clearance sales are just too good.

I definitely feel a 2 year gap between models is a sustainable business model that would cut down on waste. 3 years might be a bit much, but that’s just my opinion. In 2 years there is just enough progression in technology that could warrant an upgrade, but if an owner is happy with their current phone they don’t need to upgrade. So they can wait the full 4 years to make the jump.

Most members on my family are on iphones that are 2-3 years old and only 1 of them needs an upgrade because the battery is starting to fail (iphone se gen1). Other than that everything is running great. So I’m totally on board with a 2 year release cycle. =D

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This is is something we have been discussing/wondering internally as well. Our current thought is to follow a 1-2 year release cycle. Here are the factors that influence this decision:

  • Only a fraction of worldwide users know about Teracube and even a smaller fraction owns one. Can you guess how many smartphones sell in one year globally? I’ll let you take a crack at this :slight_smile:.
  • Many users may want a cheaper or more expensive model. Or a different feature set than what the current model has.
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I would think that having a few models would be critical to building a brand. One phone released every three years would not do much to build the name. I would love to see a page where users could post the features they want most in a phone. Each person could either post a feature if it is not listed or up-vote existing features. If you get enough responses to the page you would have a great idea of what people are looking for in their next phone. What purchasers want might be different than what any company thinks they want.


I think dialing it back to 1 1/2 to 2 years would be good because most phones have a one year cycle (we’re trying to break out of that). Maybe have a couple different models for a wider rang of consumers and if not different models maybe just a few colors to make it fun and more cost effective.

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Your idea of a page where users can post wanted new features is right on the money. I found myself reading your post while trying to find just such a location in the existing Teracube forum.

I am wanting to know if there is a 5G option coming down the pike anytime soon.

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Just created a shiny new thread just for that - Suggestions for future products/models.

We will definitely consider them in future models. 5G chipsets are still quity pricey though. Might change in some time.

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Thanks for setting this up.