Teracube One Android 10 updates

Nothing that I have said is related to the 2e.

Transparent… Their update Android 10 promise was posted until the ONE stopped being for sale.

The line about multi-billion dollar companies fail to deliver or at all. They are not promoting there devices with this update schedule.

Android 12 in DEV Mode now and we are still beta 10. Come on as good as these guy might be… This is a massive fail for the company.

Even the essential (now failed and sold) gave me day 1 monthly updates until the day they closed). This phone EOF and company gone has Android 10.

Communication is very poor.

How is Teracube going to back their warranty and update promise to all of us that got in when Android 12 will be here before our 10.

They need to be honest and open communication now about what should we expect in updates before out 4 year warranty and update ends.

That is true “Very transparent, though frequency/consistency of feedback …”

Agreed with everyone on this thread - we have not been very consistent on our updates. I apologize for that. Team has been fixing Google CTS testing related issues. By the time we fix issues, Google expires the previous package and we have to incorporate a new GMS package. Having said this, we are quite close and down to almost 1-2 issues left. Not having anything to say other than this is also a reason for holding back updates. I’ll make sure we change that and give a regular update.

In future, here is what we are working on to improve the process:

  1. Have more consistent and periodic updates on the forums.
  2. Do more incremental SW updates instead of radical switchover to a new BSP like we did for Android 10 on T1. That caused a huge delay due to entirely new code base.
  3. We will expand more CTS testing resources to speed up that part. Currently its taking 1-2 weeks to run tests on a new build which is running against the Google’s expiry of their packages. We should be able to bring it under 3-4 days with that expansion.
  4. As I had mentioned on another post, we are also merging One and 2e codebase so that future work can be consolidated.

Totally agreed that just Covid alone can’t explain the huge delay in our Android update work. I underestimated the process and had too much faith in the ODM. However Covid was a Kick-in-the-butt to get started with our own team. Its been a big learning every step of the way and team has confidence that it can be much smoother and faster once the 1st build is certified.


Your team has been beyond approachable and transparent, much more than I’d expect but very happy to get! Software development is a constant struggle and grind, but no doubt what you’re learning now will help with future releases and products. :+1:


I may not have android 10 but my phone has been excellent. If you want to compare abandoned phones just look online the list is long. Then look at other countries where people are still using Android 8 or even 5. I went in with eyes open and I have had better service and the most reliable phone I have ever owned. When I bought my lg g4 I went through 3 in a year and 2 pixel xl’s because they all failed. I push my phone hard. I have nothing but good feelings about my phone’s the 1 and the 2e. Considering what’s going on it the world android 10 is not the most pressing issue. That they are open to criticim and willing to discuss it with us. Hell when I complained to lg about my phone having failed for the 3rd time they were well maybe it’s your fault the camera failed or it went into a boot loop etc. And the Pixel … same garbage when my phone was getting so hot I couldn’t hold it they tried to blame me for getting it wet when they opened it. Nope no water damage it was just a defective phone.


Let’s be honest …

  1. The LG G4 is a way better Phone than the Teracube 1. The company (Teracube) has the right idea and start but even they will not put things like the camera and screen in a G4 against Teracube 1. And nor should they they are not the same type of phone.

  2. You are taking a lot of apples and cucumbers if you are saying that we are good with the phones on Android 9 still because others around the world are in 8 and I guess the one person you know using Android 5.

Android 5 was a 2014 release. The reason you can’t compare is that anyone that updated to 5 now has a phone older than 7 years. I am sure that the phone manufacturer didn’t say they were going to update them to android 10. I am am sure that they didn’t promise the update in spring 2020.

You can say you like the phone (Teracube) and the company. I like the phone too I like what the company is pitching (that’s why I backed them) but don’t compare frustration with the company way missing their targets with a LG G4 (from 2015) or some guy with a phone running Android 5 (from 2014).

Agreed … I supported an idea and very glad i did so … my phone has not failed … been a great phone experience … ps i use my phone — as a phone !!


Life is never perfect. Not everyone will feel the same way on any given situation. As a community member I can see your unhappy with your purchase. You are welcome to that feeling but at this time not much can be done. I will continue to follow teracube and see where it goes. A note my family all have teracube’s and are happy.
I do hope you stay the course and see where we go from here but if not I do hope you find the phone that fits your needs. That’s my personal feeling.


Update - We are in the final rounds of submitting the build to 3rd party lab (designated by Google). They came back with few build failures that the team has fixed. Could take few iterations with them.