Teracube One Android 10 updates

Thank you so much, Kshitij.

Further insight into these processes is incredibly appreciated, and helps provide some context into what the delays are and what they mean.

Does the unified BSP also net us a newer kernel and other nice goodies? That will be critical for Android 12 and beyond.

I’m glad you’re involved!


Thanks for the info @AgentFabulous


I love all this info! I often just couldn’t figure out the TWRP project because it’s so hard to find info on mediatek for Android development. Thank you so much for this info and your work!


Unified does not entail a new kernel, but nothing prevents us from trying and porting newer kernels. While it is possible, it isn’t top priority since bringing up a new kernel takes time, effort and extensive debugging and manual testing. Upstreaming is still doable, but porting new LTS or even mainline is not something we can do right away. We may consider this later on, once we have some update rollouts in better control. That said, even with the current downstream kernels, they are regularly patched as per Google’s Security Bulletins (STS tests will fail if we miss patches :smile:).

Most devices in terms of Custom ROMs and recoveries are pretty similar, may they be QCOM or MTK. I’d love to look through T1’s existing community work and contribute to it, but it’ll be a while before I can get around to that and get back to T2e TWRP/ROM things. @Gagan is already doing pretty cool stuff on 2e.


Glad to report that our Android 10 build has passed GMS certification :slight_smile:. Read more and install it here.

Kudos to the Dev team, thanks for all Alpha/Beta testers and thanks to all T1 users for being patient.


Well wife and I have upgraded to Android 10. So far seems to be working well. Only one app had a freak out but solved it. Seems to be the same to a bit better on the power usage but I did switch to dark theme now that I have 10. Camera seems to focus better than on 9. As had minor issues scanning QR codes and such in 9. I agree I do like the original start up animation better but not the end of the world as I shouldn’t need to restart to often and it is only the start up.
Blue tooth doesn’t seem to have the connection issues like 9 did but I have only been testing for 2 days. 1 day with blue tooth in car.


Seems to be working well. It is not my daily driver now because I did have to replace while waiting but it’s a good burner or spare.


So far so good for me as well. My only gripe would be the fact that I can’t remove the google search bar and the gigantic date from the home screen. :joy:

Really loving the dark mode and all that jazz, though. Definitely an upgrade overall.

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I’m preparing to do the Android 10 upgrade.
Will it completely wipe the apps on my phone and start with a fresh OS? Or will it keep everything intact. My largest concern is having to go through all the service I log into with 2FA using Authy/Google Authenticator applications requiring to be changed.

It was just a simple upgrade where everything was maintained. You might have to re-login to a couple of apps but it’s not a fresh start from scratch.


Thanks Adam!

Very easy update and seems to be running very smoothly. Woohoo!!!

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Same here. Very easy and painless update. Thank you for all of your efforts getting it out!

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