Thank you for making a hackable phone! or, LineageOS on Teracube One

Last week I sadly cracked my TC1 screen to the point that I had to call in the warranty. I paid my deposit and repair fee, and the Teracube team sent me a replacement and a return label. Painless. I decided to take the opportunity to do what I’ve been meaning to do for a while: Move over from Android to the much cleaner, mostly de-Googled LineageOS. I’ve done this on a number of phones over the years, mostly Samsung and Motorola. But it has never been as painless as with my Teracube. Assembling a few instructions from threads on this forum, I had it up and running in just a few minutes. From then on, it has been all pleasure. Everything works. After years of phones that seem bent on making customization as painful as possible, it was wonderful to work with a device with no such bias, made by a company that actually encourages experimentation. I feel so much gratitude for this.

For anyone else looking to try, here’s a rundown:

Thank you again for being a company and community committed to hackable, sustainable tech.


I wish I had a spare T1 to experiment with this! Props for assembling all these haphazard instructions!