The terrible Bluetooth and connectivity problems in general

I posted on here before about the awful Bluetooth range. The device has to be within inches to be assured of a stable connection. In a pocket, with the screen off, it still struggles. For this reason, I have been using the phone without a case when running and broke my screen because of it. I’ve been looking on the forum and there is apparently a manual update that can help the Bluetooth connectivity (I am in the UK, so I guess I use the EU version??) but it was a Beta so not Google certified. Those posts are from a whole year ago, has it been certified yet, because I also use Netflix, Disney+ etc and these would be annoying if lost.

I really thought that this Bluetooth was the only issue, but the phone has terrible connectivity problems generally. At first, I thought it could be my handset, but after breaking the screen I have had a replacement handset. Then I thought the awful data rates, dropouts and constant losses of GPS and data signal were due to my rural location, but I since moved to a major city and I still have utterly dreadful internet connectivity and my maps barely work. Add this to the fact that my Bluetooth hardly works, I am extremely dissappointed with this handset.

I love the sustainability aspects, but I am becoming increasingly convinced that this phone is not actually fit for purpose, and I am regretting my purchase. :frowning:

Have you updated the system software? I had similar issues until I updated to SW16, and I haven’t had them since the update. Bluetooth & GPS work fine for me in Northeast Ohio (United States), data rate is alright but I admit I’m usually on wifi. I have noticed the phone doesn’t like being in large “old” buildings as far as the data connection (non-wifi) goes. By that I mean in the basement or in the center of the building away from windows.


Hi @Cavan - sorry to hear about your experience. Here are few things:

  1. Please install SW16 on your phone - it will work fine in UK and will fix the Bluetooth connection for sure.

  2. Regarding mobile connection, do you get LTE and VoLTE enabled on your connection? If yes, how many bars do you get? Can you test your data speed using a network speed test app like Ookla.


Hi @Sharad,

  1. I have done the update. I will see if this helps.
  2. I get LTE. It tends to be 2 or 3 bars but I regularly get the cross showing the signal is lost entirely. Sometimes rebooting the signal (usually by switching aeroplane mode on and off again) can help it find signal again but not always. I tested my download speed with Ookla: 2.02 Mbps which is obviously atrocious for 4g.

Thanks for your response.

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Could you share your carrier name as well? Do you think the same SIM will work better in a different 4G phone (if possible - could you try that please)?

The software update has definitely vastly improved my Bluetooth, so that’s something. Data still awful.

To answer my carrier is O2, who are usually really good. In a major city I’d expect excellent performance. I’ll try the aim in my partner’s handset tomorrow.