Turning OFF the small LED to the right hand side of the notch when phone is locked and unlocked

I think I’ve found the source of the blinking light with no notifications. I have the “Battery Saver” set to come on at 67%. Well, when my battery gets down to 67% and the battery-saver turns on, the light starts blinking, both locked and unlocked. When I charge the battery back up and my battery-saver gets turned off, the light quits blinking.

This needs to be documented in the User-Guide.

I can only guess at the reason for using the blink-LED in this fashion: probably most users set the battery saver down low and the blinking LED could warn us that it’s time to start charging the battery. But I keep the battery-saver feature on all the time because it dramatically extends the time between charges. I don’t need a lot of performance. I need my battery to last a long time without charging.


Thanks for digging that up. Yes - battery saver mode does trigger a LED notification. We should be able to provide extra settings for modifying the LED notification behavior in our next SW release.


The most important thing to include in the user guide is a list of all the ways the blink-LED can get turned on:
1: When the charger is plugged in
2: When an app posts a notification
3: When the battery-saver is turned on
Any more??

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New question: Why can’t I use the camera and the flashlight at the same time?

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Thank you for the info on the blink light. It is so bright that it keeps me awake at nite when it’s flashing! I hope I was successfully able to turn it off using the instructions above!

This behaviour is consistent with Teracube one and is potentially coming from AOSP. Still checking with the team on this.

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Here’s my contribution to the User-Guide:

A battery’s lifespan is shortened by repeatedly charging it too close to 100% and by depleting the charge too close to 0%. The “Battery” settings include functions designed to enable the user to extend the life of the 2e’s battery by avoiding both overcharging and over-depleting the battery.

The “Battery” settings have a “Charging Limit” switch and a “Charging-Limit Value” setting which enables the “Battery” functions to automatically stop charging at a charge level chosen by the user. The recommended limit value is 70% or 80%, which will dramatically extend battery life. This enables the user to leave the charger plugged in continuously, if desired, without ever overcharging the battery. When the charger is plugged in and the phone is not powered off, and the battery has reached this limit value, the battery charge will be held at the limit value and the phone will be effectively running on the charger.

Also in the “Battery” settings is a “Battery Saver” function. When “on” it reduces the apps’ power usage and thus discharges the battery more slowly. It can be turned on permanently with the “Turn on Now” switch, or it can be turned on automatically with the “Set a schedule” setting. This “Set a schedule” setting enables the user to set a lower limit for the battery charge level. When the battery is discharged down below this level the “Battery Saver” function will turn on automatically, if not already turned permanently. Also, when the battery declines below the “Set a schedule” setting, the notification LED will begin blinking to warn the user that it is time to start charging the battery. By setting this “Set a schedule” level to 20% or 30%, or even higher, the user can more easily avoid discharging the battery to too low a level.

The “Battery Saver” function has an additional switch, “Turn off when fully charged.” If this function is switched on, it will limit the “fully charged” value to 90%. This is another way to avoid overcharging the battery.


Thanks a lot @Dave_Allen. Linked from the user guide.

Seems like things have gotten rearranged again and my battery bit is not easily visible. I’m thinking it should be someplace where new users will find it while they’re setting up their 2e for the first time.
There’s “Knowledge Base” which has only 4 topics currently. Maybe it would be good to have a battery section included here.
My “support” login takes me to https://support.myteracube.com/support/home. On the top of that page there’s a link to “2e User Guide”, but it doesn’t take me to the User Guide. Instead, it takes me to a page full of guides. I have to click the title on top of this second page to get to the real User Guide.
I know you’re buried with a list of things to do. I’m sorry to add to the list.

Thanks, @Dave_Allen - this is all valuable feedback. We have fixed few layout things on the support homepage (you can check again). The new design and the rest of the fixes should be sorted out within 2-3 weeks.

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and sadly, it doesn’t seem to do the job. Damn! If anyone figures out a way to keep that light off, please share! Thanks

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We should be able to provide a setting to disable the notification LED and provide more granular control in our next SW release.


Wanted to chime in that I’m also experiencing undesirable behavior with the notification light: it blinks 24/7 unlocked/locked, with/without notifications, with all modes (wifi, bluetooth, battery saver, data saver, etc) on or off, with the blink light setting on or off. I restarted the phone, tinkered with all the settings, but nothing changed it. It’s a bit annoying to keep noticing it throughout the day and check my phone more often than I need to and have the relatively bright light at night time.

I’m looking forward to an update to more reliably control the light–also hoping that battery saver mode doesn’t trigger it in the future, as I prefer to use that more often than not, as well.

I speculate that being connected to a VPN is also causing the LED to blink. I have two persistent notifications which are silenced and minimized, but I am connected to a VPN (showing the key indicator), and the LED will blink. This may be similar to the battery saver situation.

I’m in this same boat, mine blinks incessantly whether or not there’s a notification. Pretty nutty, not useful.

Hi, I’m sorry to keep bugging you about this… My writeup about the battery charging limit setup is still not where I think it needs to be.

On the 2e User Guide page, it is shown under “Common Questions” but not under “How to” on the left side of the page. I think in needs to be included in the “How To” list.

Then also, on support.myteracube.com there’s another short “How to” list. Shouldn’t the battery stuff be included there too? It’s at least as important as “Hide the Camera Notch.”

I’m bugging you because this charge limit feature is a significant asset for the 2e. It reduces the battery wear rate significantly and can extend the battery lifespan significantly. The 2e makes it possible for the user to replace the battery easily. The charge-limit feature makes it possible to reduce how often you need to replace the battery. This should appeal to those same users!

I’m also puzzled by the need for separate logins to community and support. Seems strange you do that to your users.

regards, Dave, 913-707-4527

I also have the issue of the LED blinking even without having any notifications. I got used to the light meaning I have something to check on the Teracube One and now I’m constantly checking just in case I actually have an email or missed call even if I know it’s not likely.

I’ve turned off the blink light option in the settings with no effect at all.

Hi @Dave_Allen1 - thank you for the reminder. @robert has plans to update the 2e user guide soon. You are right - the battery charge limit is something many users might care about.

Regarding the separate logins - our forums and the support site are currently hosted on separate platforms. That is also something we are working on improving - potentially in a month or so.

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Sharpies and oil pastels don’t work at all, but a small strip of green masking tape cuts it down to just an informative glow; initial piece came off pretty quickly, so now I’m trying a longer narrow strip that wraps around the edge of the case, with most of it inside the protective cover.
Might try a dab of acryllic paint, if I had some around. Or using a little super glue to glue on a bit of lighting gel.