Turning OFF the small LED to the right hand side of the notch when phone is locked and unlocked

Yes - this is something that we have heard loud and clear from the community. The LED can be enabled/disabled in the software and we should have a setting for that in the next update.


Good to hear, i’d love to be able to set it just for new notifications as well.

Just adding my voice to the chorus: I find notifications to be a completely passive activity - they exist as a list that I look at when I want to look at it, and to alert me (normally via my watch) when something new comes in, but other than that… no. I don’t want a light flashing 24/7 telling me that my phone has notifications. It always does.

Anyway, glad the request is heard, and looking forward to the update. It’s a very minor thing compared to the other more serious issues I’ve got with the 2e, but will still be a welcome improvement :slight_smile: