Updates and android 11

It’s been almost four months since last security update and the android version has not been updated from android 10. The Google pixel has been updated to 12 beta and the fully approved version will be released shortly. Could Sharad please give us the latest timeline for security and android updates. Many of the topics on the forum are related to the installation of alternative roms which indicates to me that at least some of us are unhappy with the slow pace of updates. If this is likely to continue, perhaps the teracube staff should work with Gagan and others to develop a fully functional lineage os rom for the teracube 2. Would it be possible to put the various download steps on a SD card so that the technology challenged members of the community could participate. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

They have a current 10.2 release in public beta that will be passing certification soon. Security/Store patches are to the month of August.

My teracube 2 phone only has a security update until May and I am unable to download an August update. Where do I find it?

Ah, yeah. That was for the One.

Hi @spencer_silberstein - we are running a bit behind on the next Android 10 security update (after SW16). Primary reason being that we ran into some issues with the EU build which is taking some time. As of now, we are working on 2 builds in parallel:

  1. Android 10 with latest security patches (both non-EU and EU)
  2. Android 11

Will report once we have an update on either of these.

Regarding the custom ROMs, we are working with Gagan and other custom ROM developers to make it easier to install alternative OSes. The most supported one as of now is /e/ OS which is no-Google Android. Gagan also has a version of Lineage that works except Wifi calling. I think he had an easy installer for that - will check again.


hi @spencer_silberstein, as for lineage installation, we are working on an easy installer script that you can run and follow instructions on screen. as i do not have experience with GUIs, i’m trying my best to make a small command line script that would be as easy as a GUI for the users who have not yet delved into custom ROMs. as for WiFi calling, there is a fix but i cannot try at the moment due to me having no time outside university at least this month. as android 12 is coming out this month (or next) i’m thinking of directly moving on to 12 for development.
stock android updates are being very actively worked on at the moment.
thank you for understanding, and have a great day.

ps. if anyone wants to try the installer out, be warned - it does have some rough edges, and you can still get support on t.me/teracube_oss. the script is up on https://github.com/gaganmalvi/buildinstaller

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Many thanks for your reply. Really appreciate all the good work you are doing on our behalf. I gather you are based in India, one of my favorite countries. I spent 5 years there in the U.S. Embassy during the 1980s. My job for USAID allowed me to travel frequently all over India.