Updates on /e/ Foundation OS on 2022 batch?

I know it is said to be coming and there is probably no set release date, but here I am, asking anyway.

I bought the terracube in January to replace my iphone 6 which is on its deathbed, so I’m just hoping someone can tell me if it is coming soon or if I should make other plans for when it finally conks out.


Hi @Serbit - welcome to Teracube forums. /e/ foundation has started selling Teracube 2e (2nd batch; SN: 2021) with updated /e/ OS. However, I’m not sure if they have released the instructions to self-install the OS. Could you please post in their forums? I’ll also ask their team directly.

/e/ OS install instructions are now live.

/e/ OS can now be installed on 2nd batch T2e. Read more here.