Vehicle USB Connection and Amazon Echo Auto

My first Android after 10 years of iPhone. Not bad. I do have an issue that is making me crazy. I have a 2016 F150. I prefer connecting my phone using USB rather than Bluetooth. I also have Amazon echo Auto. I can get neither to work on this phone whereas in the pas it has worked consistently. When I connect using USB, the phone appears briefly on my truck’s display as a source then disappears. I found that I cannot select Data Transfer for the connection on the phone, either for the instance or as the default. Very frustrating and annoying. Hoping this software update resolves this. Final note, I submitted a ticket on this 2 days ago and have yet to get a reply. After having spent 35 years in customer service jobs, including IT, this is very disappointing.

Were you able to try after the update? Do you know if your car USB is compatible with Android - is it Android auto?

Hi, I tried it after the update and still no connection except charge. BTW, the Bluetooth still doesn’t work well either. I have had other Android phones connected. I’ve tried this one with Android Auto and without since I use Amazon Echo Auto. Nothing makes a difference.

Have ordered echo auto - will arrive sometime today (thanks to prime). Will report here after some testing.

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Pairing echo auto with the Alexa app worked fine. We paired successfully twice. Due to some reason wanted to delete the 1st pairing and redo it. Disabled Teracube’s Bluetooth and enabled it again between the steps to reset Bluetooth state.

One of they key steps in between was disabling “Battery optimization” - there is a popup for that. You have to “Allow” it for the entire Echo auto thing to work. (see attached screenshot).

Update on my “issues”. I have gotten Amazon Echo Auto to work, but only via Bluetooth. The phone still will not connect with my audio system via USB. It only charges. The other issue is probably a just me. I am a relatively new Android user and it seems that the phone will randomly switch to vibrate mode on it’s own. This has caused me to miss a few text messages. All suggestions welcome!

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I stand corrected (courtesy @robert). Please check here to solve your phone vibrate mystery.

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Thanks! This is perfect. Now I just need my USB connection issue resolved.