Welp after 4 years of android 10

And nothing else to show for it it’s time to move on. Was a great concept in the beginning but how do you expect to keep your clientele when you brush off every request for an update on the new android pie with “oh we’re currently testing out a new so and so and we’ll have info in the near future”, guys that’s every couple of months for the past three years. So ya my teracube one has been acting up and is becoming unreliable and I decided to move on and get the Samsung S24 they say they’ll offer 4 years of updates and I actually believe them. I waited four years and only got like two, maybe I’ll come back and check you guys out in say five years and see if your still around and worth my time again, probably not. Deuce :v:

I KNOW RIGHT?! Like I sunk at least $250 on this phone during their crowdfunding campaign and all the Teracube One support we’ve gotten to show for it is the Android Quince Tart which isn’t even supported anymore! It’s been ages since we’ve gotten any word about later Android updates being made for the Teracube One!

Come April, if we don’t receive an Android 13 update I’m going to start using GSIs. Teracube really needs to get themselves sorted out with this Teracube One situation. This is seriously ridiculous.