When your phone is acting funny and your one step away from a factory reset

Hi all so something I ran into my text messages were coming in days later at times. I had tried a new dialer and when I removed it that’s when my trouble started.

I realized by resetting all the permissions for everything (a minor pain) it solved the issue. If you go into settings search for settings for reset app preferences select it and the select it again. It will give u a warning.

Of your phone is acting up sometime an updated app you don’t know about could be the issue. Doing a reset like this is a good first instead of the nuclear option of a factor reset.

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:heart: your tip @Frontpage32 . I had never tried this myself - I wonder why though :thinking:. It will be my goto recommendation from here on before suggesting the nuclear option (aka reset).

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It came of being a bit lazy after working on the road all week and just the weekend to myself/family. Limited time to go nuclear and the time it takes to reset up the phone. Like I have said give me an issue that ticks me off long enough I start to dig and find a way. LoL.

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