WHY Message Blocking

Randomly tonight, my daughters phone is giving a message that says: “Unable to send message - Message Blocking is active.” every time she tries to send a text (and no texts are going through to her). I cannot figure out what happened or why it’s doing that. I don’t have any restrictions on the time for the app and I’ve searched through every single possible setting I can find and there is nothing that should be limiting her messaging. How do I fix this?
*Additional Note: As of this morning, she can message other Android phones but not Apple phones. Help

Based on the wording - it seems to be a temporary block from the T-Mobile side. Should be rare - do let us know if it happens again.

Regarding the iPhone friends - please install a different messaging app on the Thrive phone. You can read more here -

She’s already using the google messages app for texting. So how do I get it resolved if it’s a T-Mobile issue?? (We have the unlimited talk/text plan.)

Hi @Katie_Huff - we tried connecting with you today but reached your VM twice. Could you please schedule a call with us here so that we can talk about the issue?

Also - is the Message Blocking issue still happening?

If the Message Blocking is still happening, please try resetting the network settings. Here is howto:

  1. Open “Settings” on your child’s Thrive phone (It can be found by swiping up from the home screen)

  2. Under Settings, goto System > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth

Hi Katie,

Is there a time that you will be available at that number? I just tried calling you but reached your VM (Tues Feb 28; 12 PM CST). Or it might be better if you schedule a call for a convenient time at calendly.com/teracube-support.

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